noun - the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness.

We believe that YOU are creative and we will push you to create something incredible!



noun - the feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something. You have the power to do whatever you set your mind to do! We want to boost your confidence and help you reach all the goals you set out for yourself!

noun - the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively. & Culture is important... "if we don't know who we are then what are we ?"- Maya Angelou. 

Who we are...

Established in 2016, Teen Ghana UK is a non-profit youth initiative foundation program that inspires, motivates and educates the young 13-19 year old. Our central focus is to give young people a platform to creatively showcase business ideas and future aspirations. Most candidates will be experiencing and learning new things about the 'big wide world' as they call it and facing many challenges being accepted into the world of business, due to their young ages. However, we adapt confidence in the individual and embrace self-esteem for the big transition into these new stages of their lives, whilst exploring the Ghanaian culture and traditions. Positive youth development is an area where we are most passionate about, as a team. This is extremely important in our society today, with the constant increases in the UK, youth violence and knife crime. We believe it is important for our younger generations to be given the opportunity to positively represent themselves to the world with pride. We strive to nd new ways of teaching our youth about this so they are able to use it as a form of impacting the world.




What we do...

What we do...
Teen Ghana UK takes on emerging talent of Ghanaian youths in the UK who are striving for excellence. We encourage and assist these individuals in achieving their goals no matter what they may be. As well as giving our young teenagers confidence we give them a platform to express their ideas and imprint the world we live in today. This is done by an annual showcase of selected teenage Ghanaian males and females who use their creativity to expose new business ventures, future aspirations or projects in the form of a competition. Two selected winners become our annual young ambassadors, taking the titles of either Mr or Miss Teen Ghana UK.



As a youth organization, Teen Ghana UK also visit secondary schools within London to educate our young people about the Ghanaian culture and inform them on our new exciting projects and the opportunities it can bring to our young people. 

Mentorship Program...

As well as rehearsals for our annual showcase in late October, we provide mentorship programs during the summer which provide our young people with key skills and personal development. We focus on a range of topics and discuss issues which deal with current affairs and modern day society. In conjunction with this we provide our young people with the following:

  • Twi lessons

  • Revision techniques/homework help & tutoring

  • Industry talks and seminars

  • Team building days and workshops

  • Career advice and apprentiships